Since 2016, Performance Anarchartists, Fragility, have HIJACKED Venues for Wandsworth Fringe to bring work to hard to reach audiences and to give accessible and affordable space to fringe performers in London.

If you want to perform at Fragility Takeover in 2018, you'll need to complete


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the festival run
Fragility will open our Takeover Spaces from 3rd-20th May. Most nights there will be shows from 6-11pm and on the weekends from 12pm.

Do you have a tech spec for your spaces?
Yes. They're here:
The Cat's Back.
The Arches.
The Tent @ The Arches.

What are the audience capacities?
These will vary depending on how you lay out your audience, but as a general rule:
The Cat's Back - 35 seats.
The Arches (Flooding Dock) - 50 seats.
The Arches (Tent) - 40 seats.

What fees are there?
Apart from the main registration to the festival (set by Wandsworth Fringe as £40), we'll take a token marketing fee (which in the last two years has been spent on everything from online social media to billboards, spray chalk marketing and printing a venue specific programme of events), a holding fee for the venue (which is nominal and is returned after your final performance, along with your ticket takings). We box office split with artists as we believe that this encourages both parties to work hard to have full audiences and generate marketing.

Is there any restrictions on what you will programme?
In terms of content, we'll find a way to programme anything that we deem to be artistically responsible, but it should be noted that The Arches are located in the grounds of an active, but fairly liberal, church and they have final say on the programme in their grounds. Companies should be mindful of the tight get in and get out timings of shows and the knock on effects that opening or closing a show can have on other companies and on the venue and license. None of our venues are equipped to handle aerial circus and none have particularly high ceilings. For physical restrictions companies should consult the above tech specs.

Is there possibility to tour before/after your venue?
Our venue in Wandsworth runs conveniently alongside Brighton Fringe and just before Prague Fringe. There is a list of potential double up opportunities on the World Fringe Network.

Is there anything you really want to programme?
We programme any form of art from comedy to dance and burlesque. This year we are committed to building a strong weekend daytime Children's theatre programme and would love to hear from companies that can offer shows to fit this bracket. We're keen to work with both local and international artists.

Can you offer Visa assistance
Sadly no. But if you are touring to Brighton Fringe before or after Wandsworth, they can help you with Visa paperwork.

When is the deadline to apply?
We have two rounds of applications, artists interested in applying for the Wandsworth Fringe Grants fund should have their application completed by 1st November 2017 in order to get a response before the grant fund deadline. Any companies that submit applications after this date won't get a response until the first week of January.
You have until December 24th at 13:00 GMT. to show us what you've got

The Cat’s Back


The Putney Arches

Putney Bridge Road, SW15 2JQ